Work Wear for Anytime of Year

Photos by Nicholas Corra

Photos by Nicholas Corra

Planning work outfits for cooler weather can be a pain in the butt.  Slacks are often too thin, work appropriate shirts are thin and short sleeved, sweaters can look weird with slacks, etc.  It’s no simple task.  Plus work wear is always ridiculously expensive.  Why slacks can cost up to $100 or more is beyond me.

These slacks from LOFT are the perfect thickness for all year and the pattern makes them super versatile.  They are warm enough for winter but don’t burn you up in the summer.  The black and tan pattern makes them super easy to style with any color or season.  If you’re searching for affordable slacks, I would definitely check out LOFT.  They usually have a decent selection on sale and they have sales so often that you can sometimes find their regular stock super cheap.  Plus they usually have a few fun patterns to add some flare to a boring work wardrobe.

I picked up this Calvin Klein top on sale during Macy’s semi-annual sale last year.  It’s super flattering with the cinching at the waist, plus black is always slimming.  The gold and leather detailing dresses it up just a bit.  If you’re on the hunt for nice work wear, I would highly recommend signing up for a Macy’s card.  You’ll receive great coupons that can often be combined with their sales.  Plus, you can invest in some really nice pieces and have the capability to pay them off over time.

This basic black blazer is one of the classic styles from JCrew.  They typically run around $100, but I found this one at Marshalls for $30.  Always check stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx before breaking the bank at mall stores.  They typically have name brand items way cheaper.  I would suggest trying everything on at these stores because sizing is often a bit off.

Remember not to lose your personality when dressing for work.  It’s perfectly fine to add some sparkle or a fun color to your work wear if they’re paired with neutrals.  This necklace from The Limited adds just enough fun detail to this outfit as well as the pattern in the pants.

I have fallen victim to the mule slide shoe trend.  I love how easy these are to slip on and go and the pointed toe is great.  I typically try out the latest trends.  I don’t always like them, but I would say this one is a keeper.  If you plan to try a trend, don’t break the bank doing it.  I picked these Franco Sarto slides up at Nordstrom Rack for like $35.

An outfit like this can easily be dressed up for a business formal event by adding a black heel.  I got these in high school super cheap and they’re still holding up.  I don’t wear heels to work very often, but if you plan to, I suggest investing in a nice, comfortable pair that will hold up over time.

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