Travel Tuesday: Zion National Park & Springdale Utah


It's time to move on to another state!  Arizona had some of the most amazing, beautiful sights I've ever seen.  Utah had even more in store for us including Zion National Park and the adorable city of Springdale.  

Our time in Zion was spent exploring the forrest, hiking, and taking in the breathtaking views.  We even had the surprise of encountering snow halfway through our hike, something we never expected!  I've said a couple of times that the climate there is different, but this experience really proved that.  Usually when it snows here it gets pretty frigid outside, but there it was a mild temperature, almost like fall here.  We were wearing jeans and t-shirts with sweatshirts overtop, but nothing too overkill and we were very comfortable.  All of a sudden as we were hiking it started to flurry, it was such a weird experience.  

Zion offers easy, moderate, and hard hiking trails so anyone can enjoy their time there.  We decided to complete a moderate level hike which was honestly not very difficult at all until towards the end.  It took us around 2 hours to complete there and back and the view at the end was terrific.  Most of the hike was fairly level terrain and about midway through it became more uphill.  Once we reached the main attraction, the amazing view, there were some uneven areas and some climbing over a rock area.  I don't have the exact name of the trail, we were actually planning to do another one when we came across the one we actually completed.  If you Google Zion hiking trails, you can find a ton of options with the difficulty level listed as well.  Remember though, it is a huge park, so be sure to take into account the point at which you are entering the park when choosing a hike.  Otherwise, you could potentially spend most of your day just searching for the trail head.  

Sorry I don't have too many details to offer about Zion itself, but as I said there are a ton of hiking trails to choose from.  I will say, the most popular, but extremely strenuous, trail in Zion is the Angel's Landing trail.  I would love the opportunity to hike that trail one day.  

After we left Zion we spent some time in Springdale Utah.  It reminded me a bit of a fusion between Brown County, Indiana and NuLu here in Louisville.  There were a lot of locals who were very helpful in deciding where we should go and what we couldn't miss.  There were a ton of cute shops like the ones in NuLu where we were able to shop for unique souvenirs as well as beautiful galleries full of handmade pottery.  I bought some adorable stickers by the brand Keep it Wild at a shop called Joy Craft and Design and a handmade mug from Worthington Gallery by a local artist.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Springdale.  We were just having a great time looking around and enjoying each other's company.  

Zion is definitely worth the stop.  You could honestly spend days there and still not see the whole thing.  If you're into backpacking and camping, that would be a phenomenal place to go!

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