Long Time, No Blog


After a longer than expected hiatus, I'm back in hopes of achieving the goal I originally set out to reach with this blog, to spark a bit of inspiration with every post. I think I was off to a pretty good start the few months I kept this blog up, and I hope to continue that now.

This time around, I plan to share even more insightful, helpful, and substantial posts. I really do want this to be a place readers know they can go for advice on everything from life to food to style and everything in between. I'm not going to suck the fun out of the blog, just write in a more informed fashion. I'm excited to share more about Louisville, travel, food, and more. I think the beauty of a blog is getting a glimpse into the mind and passions of the blogger. I hope that through my writing you get to know me better. I'm typically a pretty quiet person, so this is a place I can share what I'm thinking and what I'm passionate about with all of you. 

A lot has changed since I last shared here. In January, I began my first full-time job. I've had the pleasure of working with a ton of great clients and built some extremely valuable relationships. I'm refining my skills every day and becoming a more confident, efficient communicator. It's exciting to learn what my strengths are and where I could use improvement.

In addition to starting my first big girl job, I have had the opportunity to exercise my writing skills in a number of publications including Today's Woman Magazine, Today's Transitions Magazine, the Bellarmine Magazine, and ForGood Magazine. Having the opportunity to meet and learn about a number of Louisvillians has been a huge honor and privilege.

I used to be a bit indifferent about Louisville, I never really appreciated all it had to offer. I've had the chance to learn about so many incredible people, organizations, restaurants, and stores in the Louisville area and I'm excited to share some of those with you! In addition to more local spotlights and content, I'm excited to share more travel posts featuring day trips and full length vacations alike. I shared a few recipe posts toward the end of last year and they were so fun to write. I'm hoping to share more recipe content soon as well!

I don't want to spoil all of the fun, but these new experiences and relationships have provided me with so many new insights and topic ideas for the blog. I hope you're ready to join me on this journey as I develop this blog and create something I am truly proud of. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have a topic you'd like me to cover, a restaurant for me to review, a clothing piece you would like me to style or anything else. I'm open to new and exciting topics as I get the blog back up and running!