Feminine Details & Chunky Knit

Photos by Tiffany Howell, Photography by Tiffany

Photos by Tiffany Howell, Photography by Tiffany

Today I'm sharing yet another example of how to incorporate summer dresses into fall ensembles.  This beautiful lace dress from Altard State is one of my favorite purchases of the year.  The lace detailing is so intricately done, yet simple and easy to style.  The length and silhouette are great and the neutral color allows it to be paired with just about anything.  It could be styled with flats and a cardigan for work or heels and sparkly accessories for a more formal event.  While Altard State's dresses are typically a bit pricy, you can usually find them buy one, get one half off. 

I was searching for a slouchy, chunky cardigan for fall and came across this one at Target for a really great price.  Most of the ones I found were $50 or more, but this one was only $25 and they have a ton of similar ones right now.  

These boots are b.o.c. from a few years ago, but there are similar styles by this brand and others available at Macy's and Dillard's.  This brand makes super comfortable shoes that are very well made.  I've had these since high school and while I haven't worn them as much as my other riding boots, they have held up really well.

This is one of my favorite necklaces.  The colors are great and go with a ton of stuff.  I'm a sucker for tassel details, so I scooped this up as soon as I saw it at LOFT.  They don't have this exact color combo available anymore, but they do have it in a blue and gold combination.

I just love the way this look came together.  This mixture of feminine lace details with masculine suede and studded detailing on the boots come together for a beautiful contrast.

It is so important to feel comfortable in what you wear.  I can give you style tips all day long, but if our tastes aren't the same then please don't take my advice.  Just because I wear certain things doesn't mean you have to or should.  I'm most comfortable in modest length, looser clothing.  Someone else may like tighter fitting clothing.  Stick to what you like and what you're comfortable with.  You can take tips and nuances from what I suggest, but ultimately, you should incorporate that with the things you love to wear most. Never forget that clothing is one of our biggest opportunities to express ourselves.

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A Huge thanks to Photography by Tiffany for taking fashion photos for the blog!  I wouldn't be able to share this content with you without her help and support.  Check out her website linked above and be sure to contact her for all of your photography needs!